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Mindfulness and Bodywork

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As we go through life, we develop habits to help us along the way. How we hold our bodies, how we breathe, how we think, how we deal with challenges -- all these are habits that can change. Sharing mindfulness and bodywork techniques, Flowing with Life helps you develop the habits that can bring you peace of mind, ease of movement and a simple joy in being alive.

Whether you are looking for a yoga class, a therapeutic 1:1 session or just someone to talk to, Flowing with Life offers a range of options to help you experience the fullness of life.

Run by Vishwam Heckert, PhD, Flowing with Life shares techniques which activate your mind and body's natural ability to relax, heal and grow from strength to strength. Vishwam is a yoga teacher and teacher trainer with a keen interest in therapeutic yoga. He is trained in a variety of mindfulness and bodywork techniques, including massage therapy. Vishwam did his PhD on what makes for happy and healthy relationships, both with ourselves and with others. He is known for his warmth, humour and gentle presence.

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To book a session or if you have any questions, please contact Vishwam on 07759 723 939 or Vishwam@flowing-with-life.com.