Experience the Healing Power of Touch

Whether you have a particular injury or health condition, are looking to maintain your health and wellbeing generally, or simply want a luxurious experience, massage can benefit you.

With many years of experience giving massage and over 15 years practising yoga, Vishwam offers a wealth of knowledge combined with a focused touch. You will experience a professional, holistic and intuitive approach to massage which helps release physical and emotional tensions.

You can choose either custom-blended scented oils on skin or experience combined massage and yoga techniques performed through loose comfortable clothing.

The benefits of massage are numerous:

  • Increasing lymphatic circulation, helping clear the body of toxins and boosting the immune system

  • Easing muscular tension and supporting healthy muscle development

  • Alleviating pain, stress, anxiety and depression

  • Helping headaches, digestive troubles and stress-induced insomnia

  • Feeling peace, warmth and connection

  • Generally improved sense of well-being and joy in life

Regular monthly therapeutic massage sessions help to maximise the benefits and healing for your body, mind and total well-being.


Natural Energy Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of natural healing. 'Rei' means universal and 'ki' means life force energy (like chi or prana). Working on the emotional and energetic levels of the body, Reiki gently releases blockages enabling our life force energy to flow freely and helping our bodies and minds to heal naturally. Reiki sessions also work on the chakras, or energy centres of the body, bringing them into balance.

During a reiki session, most people become deeply relaxed and some even fall asleep. Everyone experiences Reiki flow differently. Some may see colours, feel temperature shifts, hear sounds or see pictures, or there may be a gentle twitching of muscles as tension is released. Each session can be a new experience, receiving just what you need for wellbeing. Reiki sessions help promote balance and a sense of wellbeing, assist in recovery from emotional trauma and support all aspects of healing. The experience is very gentle and unobtrusive, received fully clothed.

Whether you are feeling out of sorts, needing more balance and harmony in your life or simply wish to relax deeply, then Reiki can be a wonderful experience.

‘Wonderfully relaxing and energizing all at once. Would like to go on a regular basis.’


Another perspective can help.

If you are caught up in the middle of a painful situation or still affected by events from the past, counselling can help you see things differently.

The combination of gentle, compassionate listening with insightful comments can open up new possibilities for you.

Counselling is available in person, by telephone or Skype.

Vishwam offers a unique approach to counselling combining years of mindfulness practice, a research background on relationships and freedom, and training in psychology and the science of the mind.

Listening Walks

Matlock is set in a beautiful river valley surrounded by wooded hills. It's the perfect place to get out for a walk, to reconnect with nature and with yourself. "Listening walks" are a gentle opportunity to tune into the sounds of nature and to be listened to yourself.

The listening walks are your chance to informally explore anything you need to look at in your life. At the same time, you get some fresh air, gentle exercise and an experience of the beauty and wonder of nature.


What to expect. You will be met by Vishwam at reception and shown to the beautiful and spacious treatment room looking out over the meadows and hills of Derbyshire Dales.

Each appointment gives you a chance to say a little about what you would like from your massage, reiki or counselling session before we begin. At any point during the treatment, you're always welcome to say if there's anything you need.

Arrange your appointment. You can phone Vishwam on 07759 723 939 or email him at to arrange a session or to ask any questions you may have.

How to get here. Housed within the wellbeing space at the newly built Meadow View Community Care Centre, Flowing to Life is easily accessed by foot, car or public transport. It's right next door to the Whitworth Hopital on the A6 in Darley Dale at 300 Bakewell Rd DE4 2JF. See here for map and directions. The Centre welcomes visitors to enjoy the services of the wellbeing space and (opening soon) cafe with peaceful views.


Discounts available for block bookings (i.e. a series of four appointments).

Please note: Next appointment available is 1st March.


Having healing with Vishwam is to experience healing on a much deeper level than most people reach, and as such a very intimate and heart-opening experience. For myself, it has been incredibly helpful in clearing inner barriers and blockages that have been making me feel very stuck. I've unpacked things, sorted things. It's kind of set me free to get on with life in a productive way. Back in my flow again. I'm sure many people (my family, patients and all those who care about me), would like to send him their deepest thanks too.

Thank you, from the heart x

-Rachel Jennings, Yoga Teacher, Acupuncturist and Osteopath

~ ~ ~

I am a yoga teacher, and booked a 1-1 session with Vishwam. After having a child and some stressful events happen in my life, I felt like I had lost touch with my yoga practice. With Vishwam's skillful understanding of my deep pain and sadness, I cried, let out my stress, and then laughed and felt truly joyful again. It was quite remarkable. His understanding of my feelings helped me to transform and connect with myself again. I feel like a stronger better parent and teacher, and have managed to maintain this inner balance, thanks to us putting together a practical plan to manage situations and carve out a new and beautiful yoga practice.

Vishwam, I thank you with all of my heart

~ ~ ~

I have been a Thai Yoga Massage therapist for 15 years and I have received many many massages from different therapists over the years. In my experience there are therapists and then there are healers.

Having had regular massage from Vishwam I recognise his work as being in both categories. He is both highly skillful as a therapist and masseur but is most definitely an authentic healer in every way. His sensitivity to energy and the needs of the body have always given me an incredible treatment, where I have felt so balanced and released from tension, with a lasting effect. It is very rare to receive this level of balance within a massage.

Vishwam is such a genuine and truly caring person, I can only highly recommend anyone to have a therapeutic massage with him.

-Dave Hoyle, Thai Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher

~ ~ ~

Amazing experience, recommend to anyone. Vishwam holds a unique energy in his session and his presence is peaceful. His massage is overwhelmingly power full. After I felt light, clear and joyous.

-Azim Tichone Nobeebaccus, Reiki Healer and Shamanic Practioner

To book a session or if you have any questions, please contact Vishwam on 07759 723 939 or